Community for Learning (CFL) helps young people succeed, strengthens families, and supports faith-based and other community organizations that serve them.

We develop and provides support to individuals and organizations (faith-based and other community-based organizations and both non-profit and for-profit businesses) that have an interest in developing or who are providing social service programs in their communities.

Our after school programs are more than just safety nets. They promote positive development and expand children’s goals for school and beyond. We do this by offering your child academic support in reading and math, homework help, social-emotional learning, and fun recreational activities.

Executive Director: Anne R. Apodaca.

Program Director: Michael C de Baca

Board of Directors
President: Augusta Meyers

Secretary – Subhas Shah
Treasurer – Donna Garcia
Member: Lawrence Rael

  • 20% of New Mexicans age 16+ have literacy skills at level 1, the lowest level. 20% 20%
  • % of students above grade 4 math 2% 2%
  • % of students above grade 4 basic reading 51% 51%
  • % of students above proficient writing skills grade 8 18% 18%